On February 3, 2015 WHAS11 TV in Louisville, Kentucky created and broadcasted a special 5 minute piece on Rahaman Ali, his new published book "That's Muhammad Ali's Brother! My Life on the Undercard" and his love for his brother, Muhammad Ali. This special segment, available for replay to the right, shares information that only a brother can share as he walked side by side with his brother as he rose to become the greatest of all time.

March 5, 2015: Rahaman Ali talks about his life as Muhammad Ali's brother with BaylorIC Worldwide TV out of Ireland. Listen in as co-author, H. Ron Brashear, and Rahaman speaks about how they came together and began the journey of writing "That's Muhammad Ali's Brother: My Life on the Undercard" and share some words to this worldwide audience. The interview is available by clicking here.

March 21, 2015: in the hometown of the coauthor H.Ron Brashear, the inaugural book signing of That's Muhammad Ali's Brother! My Life on the Undercard, by RAHAMAN ALI with H.RON BRASHEAR and the foreword written by Gene Kilroy, the longtime business manager of Muhammad Ali was held in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. A special thanks to Couch Pictures Production for providing this video service of the event This special coverage is available by clicking here.