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My Brother, Muhammad Ali - The Definitive Biography. From Muhammad Ali's brother comes the most intimate biography ever written on the legendary sportsman. More words have been written about uhammad Ali than almost anyone else. And yet, until now, the one voice missing has been the one belonging to the man who knew him best.

In My Brother, Muhammad Ali, Rahaman paints an evocative, rich and intimate portrait of Muhammad Ali - of both the legend and the man. Full of poignant, moving and surprising memories, it will show readers the icon through a different and more honest lens, painting a portrait of an affable, sweet, proud and yet relentlessly polarizing man.

To begin your journey deeper into the life of Muhammad Ali, order your copy today by clicking here and learn from his only brother how The Greatest became the legend.

That's Muhammad Ali's Brother, Rahaman wanted to share with readers an inside view of he and his brother's life like never told before. A portion of all proceeds will be given to the Muhammad Ali Center as a way for Rahaman to give back to the brother and Louisville community he loves so much.

Released on January 17, 2015 (Muhammad Ali's 73rd birthday), That's Muhammad Ali's Brother is available now at Apple itune store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

Bouncing back... Living life the right way by H. Ron Brashear chronicles his life as a juvenile delinquent through his personal journey of rising through the darkness to become a college graduate and successful businessman, author, speaker and father. With the first run of the book sold out, you can get your Audio version of the book today and be inspired to new heights. Click here for your purchasing options.