Rahaman Ali

Rahaman Ali (born July 18, 1943) is an American former heavyweight boxer. Rahaman Ali is the son of Cassius Clay Sr and Odessa Clay and the younger brother of Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali).

SPECIAL Click here to watch rare video of Rahman showing his sensational skill fighting Hurricane Grant on the undercard of Muhammad's comeback fight against Jerry Quarry on October 26, 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rahaman and Muhammad started boxing in a Louisville, Kentucky amateur boxing league. While his brother went to the 1960 Olympics Rahaman was not selected and remained amateur until February 25, 1964, the night his brother won one of his heavyweight titles over Sonny Liston. As a professional boxer Rahaman won 14 bouts, lost 3, and had one draw.

In his book, That's Muhammad Ali's Brother, Rahaman wanted to share with readers an inside view of he and his brother's life like never told before. A portion of all proceeds will be given to the Muhammad Ali Center as a way for Rahaman to give back to the brother and Louisville community he loves so much.